Ceramic Fibers

Ceramic Fiber Mats

     Basic Features:

  • low heat conduction
  • very low heat capacity
  • very high tensile strength
  • resistance to thermal shocks
  • sound dampening
  • quick repair in case of maintenance
  • it contains no binder, does not give any smoke and no air pollutionsie
  • 100% asbestos free
  • hardness and drying cycle are not required



Application Examples:


Ceramic Industry

  • insulation and sealing for burners and heaters

Steel Industry

  • heat treatment furnaces and annealing furnaces
  • lining and sealing of doors
  • repair of hot oven surfaces
  • covers of preheating ovens and pans

Power Generation

  • insulation of boilers
  • boiler doors
  • turbine covers for multiple applications
  • waterstops / pipe coating


  • isolation of drying equipment and furnaces for commercial use
  • lining applied to existing fire resistant materials
  • isolation of the crown from the glass melting furnace
  • fire protection



Ceramic Fiber Modules

     Basic Features:

  • easy and quick assembly
  • lower costs of heat and fuel storage
  • very light lining, the less steel
  • numerous anchoring systems



Application examples:



  • Weighing for light kilns
  • Lining of doors
  • Lining of furnaces

Steel Industry

  • sheat treatment furnace
  • preheaters and pans
  • heat treatment furnaces
  • heat treatment furnaces
  • linings of heaters and reformers

Power Generation

  • lining of ducts
  • systems of heat recovery from steam
  • insulation of boilers
  • lining of fireplaces


  • combustion accessories
  • burner blocks
  • covers of induction furnaces
  • furnaces for glass tempering


Ceramic Fiber Plates


     Basic Features:

  • low heat conduction
  • very low heat capacity
  • Ease. It serves as a substitute for
    any type of heavy supplementary insulation    and requires less steel
  • resistance to thermal shocks
  • resistance to the erosion caused by hot gases
  • resistance to most chemical agents
  • easy cutting, easy transport,
    easy construction
  • sound insulation
  • asbestos-free



Application examples:


  • lining of combustion chambers, boilers and heaters
  • additional insulation of brick walls and monolithic lining
  • transport of liquid aluminum and other non-ferrous metals
  • expansion joints of panels
  • the barriers protecting against flames and heat
  • hot surface layer in the furnaces with an atmosphere of high flow rate or an erosion atmosphere


Ceramic Fiber Papers

     Basic Features:

  • it can be easily cut, wrap and moldes
  • temperature stability
  • low heat conduction
  • low heat capacity
  • elasticity
  • light
  • good puncture resistance
  • good fire resistance



Application examples:


  • Replacement for asbestos paper
  • Wound insulation for casting molds in the lost wax process
  • Insulation material for single use
  • Additional lining of metal runner
  • Heat insulation and electrical insulation
  • Seals and gasketsErsatz für Asbestpapier


Ceramic Fiber Vacuum Molded Parts


Vacuum molded products are made with mineral wool and high temperature wool. Depending on the raw material, these moldings can be used up to an application temperature of 1800 ° C. As raw material basis:

  •  polycrystalline wool
  •  aluminum silicate wool
  •  alkaline earth silicate wool
  •  mineral wool

The vacuum moldings are for oxidizing
But also reducing furnace atmosphere
suitable. They consist of special
thermal shock resistant
High temperature wool and can
Have very different properties:

• organic / inorganic bonding
• bulk density from 0.2 to 1.5 kg / m3
• wet, dried, hardened, fired


Precise machining machines ensure minimum dimensional tolerances. Even the most complicated moldings can be realized.

Customized desires can be considered in a variety of ways.



The applications of vacuum molded parts can be found in:


  • boiler plant
  • industrial furnace construction as back insulation
  • heating and treatment furnaces in the steel and foundry industry