Tundish Refractories

Tundish Safety Lining


Bauxite based, high alumina castable mix with good flow properties and low water demand.

Thermal shock resistance is improved by specially developed recipies and raw materials.



Tundish Roof Blocks


  • Design and production of refractory tundish roof blocks
  • Castable mixes for tundish roof
  • Stainless steel anchors and fibers
  • Steel constructions for roof blocks



Tundish Baffle Plate


  • MA sinter spinel based raw materials
  • Grain size distribution 0-10mm
  • Use of stainless steel special shape fibers



Tundish Impact Dam Bloocks


  • MA sinter spinel based raw materials
  • Grain size distribution 0-10mm
  • Special shape stainless steel fibers used to prevent crack formation
  • Customer specific dimenions production



Tundish Target Box


  • Tundish target box for bloom caster
  • Designed specific to customer needs in dimensions
  • Flow regulation
  • Removal of inclusions



Tundish Impact Pot


  • Prevents splashes
  • Reinforces impact area of tundish



Tundish Well Blocks



Well Blocks

  • for open casting
  • for nozzle changer systems
  • for stopper systems



Tundish Nozzles


  • Supply of inserts and fixed nozzle sets
  • Production of flying nozzles
  • Repair of flying nozzles


  • Gas purging tundish nozzle
  • Tundish inner nozzle
  • Design and special productions
  • Quick production and delivery
  • Precise controls before shipment



  • Fixed/Upper nozzle for nozzle changer systems
  • High density zirconia nozzles for best performance in tundish lifetime
  • 96% zirconia content



Tundish Refractories


  • Continously expanding
    product range
  • Special requirements
    of the steelplant are
    determined and fulfilled
  • Quick production and
    on-time delivery