develops and expels fire resistant, unformed building materials and prefabricated building parts for the steel and foundry industry

Formed, getemperte and burnt fire-resistant products (isostatische products) covers the HEKA GmbH of experienced and accredited  suppliers with whom exclusively and long-term contracts were closed.

Die HEKA GmbH is able therefore in that to fulfil the whole need spectrum of her customers and to cover.

The fire-resistent products delivered by the HEKA GmbH find use in:

and in all incineration plants in which high temperature processes take place.

Beginning with the responsibility for single fields of work the HEKA GmbH offers a comprehensive service to her customers.

In a constant and narrow exchange of ideas with the customers it is worked on technically demanding and economically sensible uses of fire-resistant materials and pouring aid. Aim is to form easier operational expiries, to raise the product security and to increase the cost efficiency.

HEKA GmbH offers a wide range of products and services with increase the productiveness of her customers and raise whose competitiveness.

Beside the delivery of qualitatively high-quality products and comprehensive services HEKA GmbH discusses her customers also concerning the interaction of metallurgy and fire-reistant building materials.

As a limited liability company the company HEKA GmbH Technology & Trade with headquater in 67295 Bolanden(Germany) was founded in March, 2010.